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Chiru information and facts:

Latin name: Pantholops hodgsonii
Type: Mammal
Diet: Herbivore
Average lifespan: 10-15 years.
Size: Body Length: 120-130 cm / 4-4.3 ft.
Weight: 26 - 40 kg (57 - 88 lb)
Group name: Herd
Chiru imageExtremely wary by nature, the chiru is constantly on the alert and is hence difficult to approach. Feeding occurs primarily in the morning and evening, . When resting, the chiru excavates a shallow depression about 30 cm / 1 foot deep: this partially conceals the animal from predators, and helps to protect it from the harsh wind. During the rut, males rarely eat and are almost constantly in motion.

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Where does the Chiru live?

The Tibetan antelope or chiru is native to the Tibetan plateau including China's Tibet Autonomous Region, Qinghai province, and Xinjiang Autonomous Region; and in Ladakh, jammu and Kashmir region of India and Pakistan.
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What does a Chiru eat?

Chirus live on the high mountain steppes and semi-desert areas of the Tibetan plateau such as Kekexili, where they feed on various forb and grass species.
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Did you know about these Chiru facts?

  • The chiru is a remarkable runner. Despite the thin atmosphere on the high plateau, it can run as fast as 80 km/h (50 mi/h).
  • The chiru produces the finest wool in the world -- a single woven shawl sells for up to $15,000. The demand for their pelts also puts the chiru in danger of being hunted to extinction.
  • Chiru's can be found at elevations from 3250 - 5500 m (10,660 - 18,000 ft).

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