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Langur information and facts:

Latin name: Presbytis entellus
Type: mammal
Diet: herbivore
Average lifespan:
Size: Males are up to 75 cm [2.3 ft.] females up to 65 cm [2.1 ft.]
Weight: around 20 kg
Group name: group
Langur imageLangur monkeys are also known as Leaf Monkeys because they mainly eat leaves. There are various species of Langur monkeys. These monkeys are very agile animals they have long limbs and tails, which they use to climb trees and they can jump as far as 10 meters. Langur monkeys live together in groups of 10 to 40 monkeys.

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Langur imageWhat does a Langur look like?

Langurs vary from color depending on their habitat some are red, brown, golden, black or grey and some are a pale color, even white. The Langur monkeys are larger or smaller depending on their location. Male langurs are larger than females. They have slender bodies with a long tail.

Langur imageWhere does the langur live?

Langur monkeys are found across India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Burma and Sri Lanka. Langur monkeys stay in groups of 10 to 40 monkeys. You can find them in forests, mangrove swamps and even urban areas.

Langur imageWhat does a langur eat?

Langurs feed on fruit, flowers and leaves they find in their surroundings. Most food they find is bound to the season. In the winter they mainly eat leaves, in the summer they eat the fruit they find in trees. In addition to their diets they also eat insects.

Langur imageDid you know about these langur facts?

  • Langur monkeys can jump over rivers.
  • The Gray Langur monkey is the most common monkey in South Asia with about 300,000 existing today.
  • - The langur is considered endangered.
  • Langurs cannot swim.
  • In the wild the langur monkey lives for up to twenty years.

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