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ZebuScientific Name: Bos Primigenius Indicus
Type: Mammal
Diet: Herbivore
Size: 86-106cm (34-42in)
Weight: 150-200kg (331-440lbs)
Top Speed: 40km/h (25mph)
Life Span: 12-16 years
Lifestyle: Herd
Zebu pictureWhat does a zebu look like?
The Zebu is the only cattle species that can easily adapt to life in the hot tropics. The zebu is also known as the humped cattle as the zebu has a very distinctive hump on its upper back, located behind the head and neck of the zebu. The zebu is one of the Zebu picturesmallest species of cattle in the world with adult zebus reaching a height of just over a meter. The zebu is also about half the weight of a typical cow as the zebu is considered to have less meat. The small size of the zebu is thought to be the reason why the zebu is able to thrive in tropical climates, where other species of cattle do not fair so well.
Zebu video.
Zebu pictureWhere do zebu's live?
The zebu is a species of cattle that is native to the jungles of South Asia. Today the zebu can also be found in Africa, as the zebu was transported there from Asia many years ago. There are thought to be around 75 different species of zebu, with roughly half the zebu Zebu picturespecies found in Africa and the other half of the zebu species found in South Asia. The zebu has also been taken to South America from Africa, where zebu populations are continuously growing.
What does a zebu eat?
Zebu is a grazer, very much like a cow, it eats mainly grass, leaves and flowers. The Zebu and Cow are a very similar species and the only main difference is where they live.
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Zebu Coloring pages
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