• Bluebird

  • Bluebird

    Bluebird information and facts:

    Type: Bird
    Diet: Omnivore
    Average lifespan in the wild: 6 to 10 years
    Size: Size: 6.5 to 8.5 in (16.5 to 19 cm)
    Weight: 0.84 to 1.09 oz (24 to 31 g)
    Group name: Flock
  • Bluebird imageThe bluebirds are a group of medium-sized birds. They have blue, or blue and red, feathers. There are three species of these colorful North American birds. Eastern and western bluebirds have a reddish brown breast, which contrasts with their predominately blue plumage. Their relative, the (male) mountain bluebird is entirely blue.
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    What do bluebirds eat?

    Bluebirds eat small fruits and hunt insects, spiders, and other creatures from above. The birds perch, watch, and then swoop to the ground to pounce on their prey. Bluebirds are attracted to platform bird feeders, filled with grubs of the darkling beetle, sold by many online bird product wholesalers as mealworms. Bluebirds will also eat raisins soaked in water. In addition, in winter bluebirds use backyard heated birdbaths.
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    Where do bluebirds live?

    Eastern bluebirds are primarily found east of the Rockies, and range from Canada to Mexico and Honduras. We love them for their lovely coloring and for a distinctive song that many hear as "chur-lee, chur-lee." The eastern bluebird is the state bird of both New York and Missouri. Western bluebirds are found west of the Rocky Mountains from Canada to Mexico. The mountain bluebird also inhabits much of western North Americait often at elevations above 7,000 feet (2,133 meters).
  • What does the bluebird look like?

    The Eastern Bluebird is a small thrush with a big, rounded head, large eye, plump body, and alert posture. The wings are long, but the tail and legs are fairly short. The bill is short and straight. Male Eastern Bluebirds are vivid, deep blue above and rusty or brick-red on the throat and breast. Blue in birds always depends on the light, and males often look plain gray-brown from a distance. Females are grayish above with bluish wings and tail, and a subdued orange-brown breast.
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    What do bluebird nests look like?

    Bluebirds construct small, bowl-shaped nests. Females lay four or five eggs and will keep them warm for about two weeks. The young bluebirds remain in the nest, cared for by both parents, for an additional 15 to 20 days.
  • How many bluebirds are there?

    Bluebirds are considered fairly common, but their numbers have declined substantially during the last century. Populations have been given a boost by the birdhouse boxes that have become popular in many parks and backyards.
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