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    Dog information and facts:

    Type: Mammal
    Diet: Omnivore
    Size: Height at the shoulder, 6 to 33 in (15 to 84 cm)
    Weight: 3 to 175 lbs (1 to 79 kg)
    Group name: Pack
  • Dog imageThe dog is a domesticated form of the wolf. The term is used for both feral and pet varieties. The dog is one of the most popular pets in the world. It ordinarily remains loyal to a considerate master, and because of this the dog has been called man's best friend. Class distinctions between people have no part in a dog's life. It can be a faithful companion to either rich or poor.
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    What does a dog look like?

    Dogs grow to various sizes. The Irish wolfhound, for example, stands about 32 inches high at the withers, or top of the shoulders. The chihuahua, however, stands about five inches. The color of a dog's coat, or hair cover, also ranges widely, even within a breed. Some dogs are all black. Others are all white. Some have light markings on portions of their bodies and darker coloration elsewhere. Or, they may have a solid color other than black. All dogs have some hair cover, even the so-called hairless ones. The shape of a dog is determined by three major structures--the head, the body, and the legs. The size and form of these structures vary greatly as do, for example, coloration and hair characteristics.
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    Where do dogs live?

    The dog quickly became popular across culture across the world, and was extremely valuable to early human settlements. For instance, it is believed that the successful emigration across the Bering Strait might not have been possible without sled dogs. Dogs perform many roles for people, such as hunting, herding, protection, assisting police and military, companionship, and, more recently, aiding handicapped individuals. This versatility, more than almost any other known animal, has given them the nickname "Man's best friend" in the western world. Currently, there are estimated to be 400 million dogs in the world.
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    What does a dog eat?

    A dog can be fed either the dry meal, biscuit, semimoist and cellophane-wrapped, or canned type of dog food. Whichever type is selected must contain the carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, and vitamins essential for the animal's well-being. As a rule, the cost of feeding a large dog can be kept low by giving it the inexpensive dry meal type.
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    How do dogs communicate?

    Dogs communicate in several ways. Scent is one method, another is physical appearance. Body position, movement, and facial expression often convey a strong message. Many of these signals are recognizable even to humans, such as the excited tail-wagging of a happy dog or the bared teeth of an angry or threatened animal. Vocally, dogs communicate with a cacophony of sounds including barks, growls, and whines.
  • Why do dogs pee everywhere?

    Domestic dogs still share many behaviors with their wild relatives. Both defend their territories and mark them by urinating on trees, rocks, fence posts, and other suitable sites. These scent posts serve notice to other dogs that an animal is occupying its territory.
  • Did you know this about dogs?

    • Many pet dogs also bury bones or favorite toys for future use, just as their wild relatives sometimes bury a kill to secure the meat for later feasts.
    • It is a myth that dogs are color blind. They can actually see in color, just not as vividly as humans. It is akin to our vision at dusk.
    • A one year old dog is as mature, physically, as a 15 year old human
    • Obesity is the #1 health problem among dogs
    • Dogs have no sense of "time"
    • Humans have kept dogs as pets for over 12,000 years
    • The largest breed of dog is the Irish Wolfhound
    • The world's smallest dog breed is the Chihuahua
    • The St. Bernard is the heaviest
    • Dogs instinctively require the pack leader's approval
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