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  • Ermine

    Ermine information and facts:

    Type: mammal
    Diet: carnivore
    Average lifespan: 4 - 7 years.
    Size: from 17 - 33cm long.
    Weight: males 68~105g and the females 45~75g.
    Group name: Group
  • Ermine imageThe ermine gets its name for the colour of its fur. In fact, the word "ermine" refers to an animal with a white coat, while "stoat" is used for the individuals with brown fur on their back and head and white fur on their belly.
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    What does an Ermine look like?

    Ermines have paws with claws which enables them to dig. The front feet are smaller than the back teeth which helps it fit into small, tight spaces. The coat of the ermine changes with the seasons and camouflages it from predators. In winter the ermine's coat is white blending in with the snowy an environment. In warmer seasons the fur turns brown again matching the colour of the landscape.
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    Where does the Ermine live?

    Most of the Ermines live in the Arctic. They dig burrows. They also live in forests, wood lands, brush lands, stones, walls, wood piles, barns, old buildings, hollow logs and under tree roots and mountains. Most of these places are very warm. The Ermine is found almost everywhere throughout the northern temperate, subarctic and Arctic regions, of Europe, Asia, and North America.
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    What does an Ermine eat?

    Ermines are carnivorous. They are actually very much like minks, ferrets, and weasels (believe it or not it's in the same family as the wolverine). They eat almost anything that moves. Like small animals like birds, eggs, frogs, fish, insects, ground squirrels, lemmings, cotton tails, small hares, porcupines and rats. Ermines eat warm blooded animals. They kill their prey by a quick bite behind the neck.
  • Did you know about these Ermine facts?

    • The Ermines have a good smell and vision.
    • The Ermines can run through snow easily.
    • Ermines are ferocious hunters.
    • Some of the smallest weasels are most dangerous!
    • They have a bad smell that keeps other Ermines away.
    • In 7 weeks, the male babies are bigger than their mother!
    • Male ermines are much larger than the females. Females are about 15% smaller.
    • It is a very skilful tree climber and can descend a trunk headfirst, like a squirrel.
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