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    Guanaco information and facts:

    Latin name: Lama guanicoe
    Type: mammal
    Diet: herbivore
    Size: About 1.06 m (3 ft 6 in) at the shoulder
    Weight: about 90 kg (200 lb).
    Tail Length: 9 to 10 inches (22 to 25 cm) 
    Average lifespan: A guanaco's average life span is 20-25 years.
    Group name: Group
  • Guanaco imageGuanaco is a wild llama and related to camels, vicunas and llamas. They are very elegant and have a double coated fur. Guanacos are some of the largest wild mammals in South America. Guanacos live in South America. Guanacos are mostly found in family groups and small herds. The puma is their main natural predator. When a guanaco picks up danger it warns the other members of the herd with a high-pitched warning call.
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    What does a Guanaco look like?

    Guanacos have very similar colors in their coat, a range of a dark cinnamon to a light brown. They have a white shading in the bottom section of their bodies. Guanacos have grey faces with large dark brown eyes and small straight ears. They have short tails, very long necks and have a large head. Their body is a streamlined and slender form which makes them look very striking.
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    Where does the Guanaco live?

    Guanacos can be commonly found in South America, countries like Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. They like to live on the high elevated lands like the Andes mountains. They also live on plains, lower plateaus and the coastlines. Guanacos graze on lands that tend to be rather dry.
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    What does a Guanaco eat?

    Guanacos are not picky eaters, they can survive on harsh brush and grasses in the wild. Since they live at high elevations they usualy graze on grasses, leaves and buds. Guanacos can go without water for long persiods of time, they get their moisture and water from the plants they eat.
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    Did you know about these Guanaco facts?

    • Guanacos can run with a speed of 56 km (35 mi) per hour.
    • The running is important for their survival, because in the open places where they live there is no place to hide.
    • Guanacos live in South America from southern Peru to eastern Argentina and Tierra del Fuego.
    • When a guanaco is upset or annoyed, it spits. Guanacos graze on grasses and other plants.
    • Guanaco image When a guanaco herd is threatened by an enemy such as a mountain lion, the herd's male usually runs behind the rest of the herd.
    • One-year-old male guanacos are chased from their herds by the dominant male. Young males join bachelor herds.
    • Llamas and alpacas are believed to be domesticated descendants of guanacos.
    • Camels, guanacos, llamas, alpacas, and vicunas are all members of the camel family.
    • In Spanish, guanaco is pronounced wuh-NAHK-oh. In English it is gwah-NAHK-oh.
    • Female guanacos usually have one young at a time, after a pregnancy of more than 11 months.
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