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    Ibex information and facts:

    Latin name: Capra
    Type: mammal
    Diet: herbivore
    Average lifespan: The ibex can live approximately 20 years in the wild.
    Size: 3 1/2 ft (76-106 cm) tall at the shoulder
    Weight: the male weigh is around 180 pounds / Females will be around half the size of the males.
    Group name: herds
  • Ibex imageThe ibex is a variety of wild goat; they are animals of mountain habitats. Ibexes can be found in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Himalayas. Ibexes are well suited to the mountain habitats, they are sure-footed and agile. This enables them to climb the steep rocky mountainsides as they please. They generally travel in small herds of about a dozen ibexes.
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  • Ibex

    What does an ibex look like?

    The ibex's colors change from a darkish brown in winter to a brownish gray in the summer. They have a blackish colored chest and forelegs, dark leg markings and a whitish underside. Their long horns are heavy, gnarled and curve up, back and down, although the females horns are shorter then the males. These horns are used to defend themselves against predators. The male ibexes are bearded.
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    Where does the ibex live?

    Ibexes can be found from central Asia to the Himalayas, Southern Europe, and North-East Africa. The ibexes climb the mountain ranges and remain in the high, steep cliffs during the daytime. In the late afternoon and evening they will descend to feed in the meadows below. The ibex hooves are very sturdy with their hard rims that surround the inner softer part. This helps them get more grip on the steep rocks.
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    What does an ibex eat?

    The ibex mainly eats grass, moss, flowers, leaves and twigs. To reach the delicious leaves of the trees, the ibex often stands on their hind legs. In the summertime the ibex need to drink every few days so they seek out regions near permanent water sources.
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    Did you know about these ibex facts?

    • Ibex males have longer horns then females.
    • At mating time, males aggressively rear on hind legs and smash horns to fight for females.
    • Ibex have been hunted as trophies and for meat and medicinal purposes.
    • They now face habitat loss to agriculture and resource competition with domestic goats.
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