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  • Icefish

    Icefish information and facts:

    Latin name: Leucosoma chinensis
    Type: fish
    Diet: omnivore
    Average lifespan: The estimated age range is 1–5 years for males and 1–4 years for females
    Size: seldom more than 15 centimeters (6 inches) long.
    Weight: A maximum weight of 2kg
  • Icefish imageIcefish are amazing fish that live in the Southern ocean, they are mostly found around Antarctica. Icefish can survive freezing temperatures from -2 to 4 degrees Celsius (28.4 to 39.2 degrees Fahrenheit). These fish probably could not survive anywhere else, since they've spend millions of years adapting in this freezing cold water.
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    What does an Icefish look like?

    Icefish are sometimes called crocodile icefish because of the shape of their snout. The color of icefish is usually white, grey, silver, black or red. They have transparent blood because they lack red blood cells and hemoglobin. Hemoblobin is a protein in the blood that transports oxygen. Icefish are the only known vertebrates in the world that do not have hemoblobin. They absorb their oxygen directly through their skin from the water. Icefish have the same simple structure like all fish do with gills, a dorsal fin, a tail fin and pectoral fins.
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    Where does the Icefish live?

    Icefish are mainly found in the Southern Ocean and are mostly found around Antarctica. Since these waters are so cold, other fish have trouble living here. Therefor icefish make out 95 percent of all marine life in this region. Icefish are not found in other locations of the planet.
  • What does an icefish eat?

    Most of the 16 species of Icefish feed on krill, fish, and crabs. They also eat the type of plankton whales eat.
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