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    I'iwi information and facts:

    Latin name: Vestiaria coccinea
    Type: Bird
    Diet: (herbivore, carnivore of omnivore)
    Size: about 5 - 6 inches long (overall length 15 cm)
    Weight: 16-20 gram
    Group name: Flock
  • I'iwi image i'iwi is pronounced as ee-EE-vee. It's a is a member of the Drepanidinae, the Hawaiian Honeycreepers and is known as one of the most spectacular Hawaiian birds. The I'iwi, like the apeka, stands out with their bright red color. They were once found on all of six largest forested islands in the Hawaiian chain but are disappearing rapidly on the lower elevation islands of Molokai and O'ahu. Unfortunately they have been extinct on Lanai since 1929.
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    What does an I'iwi look like?

    I'iwi's are mostly scarlet red with a black tail and black wings. With their long curved beak they drink nectar from flowers. The I'iwi is considered one of the most beautiful and easily recognisable birds in Hawaii. The young I'iwi's have golden feathers with spots.
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    Where does the I'iwi live?

    The I'iwi is found in Hawaii and on the islands Kaua`I and Maui. They are found in the native forests above 2,000 feet. The I'iwi's are now very rare on O`ahu and Moloka`i, and extinct on Lana`i.
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    What does an I'iwi eat?

    The I'iwi mainly eats nectar from flowers. It also feeds on fruits, larvae and insects.
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    What is special about the I'iwi?

    They can hover much like hummingbirds to drink the nectar from the flowers. When they fly their wings create a whirring sound.
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    Did you know about these I'iwi facts?

    • The 'i'iwi is a type of Hawaiian Honeycreeper or Hawaiian finch.
    • I'iwi 's are now becoming an endangered species.
    • The 'i'iwi can hover, much like hummingbirds.
    • Both I'iwi male and female birds look the same.
    • 'I'iwis build nests high up in trees.
    • Over 75% of Hawaii's bird species are either extinct or endangered.
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