• Iriomote Cat

  • Iriomote Cat

    Iriomote Cat information and facts:

    Latin name: Prionailurus Iriomotensis
    Type: mammal
    Diet:  omnivore
    Size: around one a half to two feet long (excluding tail).
    Height at shoulders is 25 cm (10 in), tail length averages 16–45 cm
    Weight: Around 12 pounds  / averages 3–7 kg
  • Iriomote Cat imageThis is the rarest and most beautiful cat, called the Iriomote Cat, it can be found only on the Japanese island called Iriomote island. The Iriomote Cat has evolved to live on this particular islands habitat for millennia. This beautiful cat is now an endangered species with a population count of less than 100 in the world. There are various theories of the Iriomote Cats relationship with other wild cats, the latest genetic tests revealed us that they evolved from the leopard cat millions of years ago. The male Iriomote Cat are slightly larger then the females.
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  • Iriomote Cat

    What does a Iriomote cat look like?

    The Iriomote Cat has a brownish fur marked with a number of dark brown spots that merge into stripes, these stripes run along the entire body length. Iriomote Cats have the size of domestic cats with shorter legs. They have a thick bushy tail. Just like the fishing cat, the Iriomote Cat has short round ears with a white spot in the center at the back of the ears, resembling false eyes. Their eyes have a yellowish gold color and white areas of fur around them.
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    Where does the Iriomote cat live?

    Iriomote Cats only live on the Japanese island, the Iriomote island. This island has mountainous terrains with lowland subtropical rainforests. The Iriomote Cats live in the sub-tropical rainforests, dense mangroves and have been spotted along the sandy beaches of the island. They live near water to find their prey. During the winter months they move down from the more mountainous regions.
  • What does a Iriomote cat eat?

    Iriomote cats have a diversity of prey. They are always found near the water, stalking smaller prey like rodents, birds, bats, fish, frogs, reptiles, box turtles, skinks, insects and crabs. Iriomote cats have a small body size which enables them to move quickly through the thick forests. They are solitary animals. Iriomote cats usually hunt at night and are known to be excellent swimmers.
  • Did you know about these Iriomote cat facts?

    • An Iriomote cat howls and meows like a domestic cat.
    • This cat was not discovered until the mid1960s!
    • The Iriomote Cat is critically endangered
    • Less than one hundred remain in the wild. Plus they appear to be breeding with feral cats, leading to dilution of their gene pool. Despite preservation of their territory on the island, the cats frequently stray out of the reserve area and are hunted/eaten as a delicacy!
    • Iriomote cats are more nocturnal in summer than winter.
    • Iriomote Cats are one of only four cats that cannot retract their claws, the others being the cheetah, flat-headed cat and fishing cat.
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