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    Irukandji information and facts:

    Quick facts:
    Latin name: Carukia Barnesi
    Type: Jellyfish
    Diet: omnivore
    Average lifespan: 1 year or less
    Size: approximately 2cm in diameter to 3.93 inches (10 centimeters) in size.
  • Irukandji jellyfish is a type of box jellyfish The Irukandji jellyfish is a type of box jellyfish. The Irukandji Jellyfish is believed to be the most venomous creature in the world. It inhabits Northern Australian waters. The Irukandji is only 2,5 centimeters in diameter, this makes the jellyfish very difficult to spot in the water. It has singers on its bell as well as its tentacles. The Irukandji has become known in recent years, due to deaths of swimmers.
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  • Irukandji

    What does a Irukandji look like?

    The Irukandji is a really tiny jellyfish approximately 2,5 centimeters. It has a peanut sized body and four tiny tentacles that are about 250 mm long and very deadly. The stingers look like rings with little red dots around them. The Irukandji jellyfish is transparent and since it is do tiny, its nearly invisible. Unlike other species of jellyfish the Irukandji can sting with its entire body as well as its tentacles.
  • Irukandji jellyfish

    Where does the Irukandji live?

    The Irukandji Jellyfish mainly inhabits waters of Australia, since then according to a National Geographic documentary, Irukandji Jellyfish have been found in waters as far as the British Isles, Japan, the Florida coast of the United States. Irukandji Jellyfish are found offshore as well as along coastal beaches.
  • Irukandji jellyfish

    What does a Irukandji eat?

    Irukandji jellyfish will hunt anything that seems easy to kill with their deadly venomous tentacles. Mainly they eat little fish and other small organisms found in the ocean.
  • Irukandji jellyfish

    Did you know about these Irukandji facts?

    • The tentacles can be stretched out, sometimes to a length of up to a metre (3.3 ft). It means that an Irukandji Jellyfish's total length may be 99% tentacle!
    • The tentacles can actually look quite pretty, like strands of spider silk on a dewy morning. 
    • Jellyfish do not have brains to plan an attack. Their sting is an natural reflex.
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