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  • Jaeger

    Jaeger facts and information:

    Latin name: Stercorarius pomarinus),
    Type:  bird
    Diet: carnivore
    Average lifespan:
    Size: The largest species is 50 cm (20 inches) long.
    Weight: 12 to 20 oz (330 to 570 g)
    Group name: Group
  • Jaeger imageJaegers are arctic seabirds. The word Jaeger comes from the German word Jager, which translates to hunter. Jaegers are very aggressive seabirds also revered to as the avian pirates of the sea. The jaegers steal their food from other birds like Terns, puffins and other birds; this is where the pirate part comes in.
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    What does a Jaeger look like?

    Jaegers are hawk-like seabirds, which are members of the family Stercorariidae. Jaegers are closely related to the gull and the tern. They have a brown body, darker headers with a light greyish color in their under parts. Their tails are long and pointed with large feathers. Jaeger bills have a hooked form, which makes them look like a hawk.
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    Where does the Jaeger live?

    Jaegers live most of their life at sea. Jaegers only come to shore to breed in the arctic summer in the countries Alaska, Canada and Russia. Jaegers travel a lot, and they actually migrate to places where winter is about to start.
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    What does a Jaeger eat?

    Jaegers love to eat lemmings; they make out the majority of the Jaegers diet. They also eat other smaller birds, eggs and small mammals.
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    Did you know about these Jaeger facts?

    • Breeding pairs of Jaeger defend large territories where they often cooperate in hunting birds, eggs, and rodents.
    • Jaeger Pairs usually return to the same territory each year.
    • Jaegers nest on Arctic tundra, often near a body of water.
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