• Jerboa

  • Jerboa

    Jerboa facts and information:

    Latin name: Dipodidae
    Type: mammal
    Diet: omnivore
    Average lifespan: 2 - 3 Yrs
    Size: Their size ranges from 2 to 8 inches in head and body length.
    Weight: It weighs 23.7 g (0.84 oz) to 37.8 g (1.33 oz)
  • Jerboas are cute little mammals that look like a mouse with the legs of a kangaroo. They are also called the kangaroos of the desert. Their legs allow them to hop away when predators try to eat them. Jerboa are great leapers and live in some of the hottest places that we can find on earth.
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    What does a Jerboa look like?

    A jerboa looks a little like a mouse crossed with a kangaroo, it is a small jumping rodent that lives in the desert. It has a long tail and very large hind legs that allows him to hop through the desert. Their hind feet have five tiny toes. They have small forelegs that are used for their movement. The color of their fur vary in shades of brown and grey that help them blend in the desert environment. The fur of the jerboa is long and soft. They have a large tail that helps them keeping their balance.
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    Where does the Jerboa live?

    Jerboas are found in deserts in; Eastern Europe, North Africa, Arabia and Asia. Jerboas are nocturnal, which means they are very active during the night. When the daytime comes they hide in their burrows to shelter from the sun. Jerboas have short forearms which they use to create their burrows; they scrape the soil and use their hind legs to push the soil out behind them.
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    What does a Jerboa eat?

    Jerboas are omnivores, they eat plants, seeds and insects. They do not need water to drink, they obtain their water from the plants they eat. When rain falls in the desert, the plants are moist and fresh, after a long drought the Jerboas dig up the roots of the plants which then contain the most water.
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    Did you know about these Jerboa facts?

    • Jerboas closes the entries of the burrow to keep the sun out during the daytime. - Jerboas hop like kangaroos or walk upright.
    • Their long ears are needed to keep them cool.
    • A jerboa can hop faster than a person can run.
    • Jerboas cannot jump until they are 11 weeks old
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