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    Koi information and facts:

    Latin name: Cyprinus carpio
    Type: fish
    Diet: omnivore
    Average lifespan: Known to live 60 years.
    The oldest is said to have lived 226 years.
    Size: 10-30 inches
    Weight: 5-15 lbs.
    Group name: school
  • Koi imageKoi fish are a variety of the well-known common carp, which date back about 20 million years. Koi's are now bred in every country around the globe and are the most popular pond fish. Koi fish are also referred to "swimming flowers" and "living jewels". Japan has the most koi fish available; they are a big part of the Japanese culture, much as the cats and dogs in Europe and the U.S.
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    What does a Koi look like?

    Koi fish are very large fish, that look like stretched out goldfish. They come in a large variety of colors. The Koi fish are marked with various patterns and colors. They have a total of five fins and a large tail. The word Koi simply means carp in Japanese. Koi fish have tiny teeth in the back of their throat that they use to crush any crustaceans they eat.
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    Where does the Koi live?

    The earliest records of Koi fish have been found in China, after they were widely spread to Japan and Korea. The ancestors of the Koi were Asian carp that lived in the lakes and rivers, Koi are related to goldfish. Koi's mainly live in ponds and sometimes in lakes. The Koi fish can live 100 years so they are usually kept as heirlooms and are passed down in generations.
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    What does a Koi eat?

    Koi fish are omnivores, they eat worms, larvae, crustaceans and things they like to dig up in the mud. They also eat large quantities of algae and plants. Koi fish can eat a lot in a day; they can eat up to 2% of their own body weight.
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    Did you know about these Koi facts?

    • Koi can live more than 100 years.
    • The oldest koi carp was named Hanako and died in 1977 aged 226 years old.
    • Koi's can lay between 100,000-750,000 eggs.
    • Koi's are very strong and have the ability to survive in freezing conditions.
    • Koi's are also known as the pigs of the water, they will eat anything and a lot of it.
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