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  • Loris

    Loris information and facts:

    Latin name:
    Type: mammal
    Diet: primarily insectivorous
    Average lifespan: average of 20 years
    Size: 8-in.-long (20-cm) body and very thin legs
    Weight: It weighs 8 to 23 ounces
  • Loris imageLorises are really cute mammals with big beady eyes. The name Loris comes from their slow movements, however they can be very fast if they need to when threatened. There are grey and red slender lorises, slow lorises, and pygmy slow lorises. They can live to be 25 years old.
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    What does a Loris look like?

    Lorises are really cute with round heads, large round eyes and furry little bodies. They have four limbs that are about the same length. Their big toes are opposable on each hand so they can grip and hang onto branches with them. Lorises have no tails.
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    Where does the Loris live?

    The Slow Loris lives southern Asia where they hand in trees in the Malayan rainforests. The Red Slender Loris is found on Sri Lanka in the lowland rainforests and tropical rainforests. Lorises are nocturnal, which means they are active in the night, and they rest during the day in their nests or holes in trees.
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    What does a Loris eat?

    The Loris is a really slow animal until it spots its prey, it will slowly creep towards it and then quickly grab the pray with its front limbs. Their diet consists of eggs, tree frogs, geckos, baby birds, sleeping birds and mammals, fruits and plants.
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    Did you know about these Loris facts?

    • They spend the day sleeping in a tight ball up a tree, with their head between their thighs
    • When they move they sort of look like snakes because of their twisting movements.
    • There are currently five species of Slow Loris; the Bengal, Bornean, Javan, pygmy and greater slow loris.
    • Lorises breed at any time of the year.
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