• Mangabey

  • Mangabey

    Mangabey facts and information:

    Latin name: Cercopithecidae
    Type: mammal
    Diet: Omnivore
    Average lifespan: up to 30 years
    Body size: 15 to 35 inches (38 to 89 centimetres)
    Tail length: 17 to 39 inches (43 to 100 centimetres)
    Weight: 7 to 44 pounds (3 to 20 kilograms)
    Group name: Group (Troop)
  • Mangabey imageMangabeys are really rare and are some of the most endangered monkeys found on planet Earth. Mangabey is a common name for the various Old World monkeys. They come in various colors like grey, golden brown or black and each species has their own look. Mangabeys are large, tall, powerful and slender primates. They are only found in the forests of Africa. Groups of Mangabeys are called a troop. They are known as the monkeys with the thin waist or four-eyed monkeys since some of their species have bright white eyelids.
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  • Mangabey

    What does a Mangabey look like?

    Mangabeys come in various colors depending on their species, golden brown or chestnut brown, gray, dark gray and even black. The young Mangabeys are darker than their parents Mangabeys usually have a lighter color on their bellies and sometimes they have white patches on the tip of their tail, under their chin or on the back of their head. Some Mangabeys have white eyelids and they have white eyebrows that enhance their expressions because they like to make faces. And some Mangabeys have little beards. They have big cheeks so they can carry around lot of food. Mangabeys have great eyes, they can see well during the day and in the twilight of night.
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    Where does the Mangabey live?

    Mangabeys only live in Africa and are mainly found in the forests. Sometimes Mangabeys can be found in mangroves, swamps and the forest edge next to rivers. Mangabeys really enjoy the high trees that allow them to use their jumping ability where they leap long distances from tree to tree in search of food.
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    What does a Mangabey eat?

    Mangabeys are omnivores and eat what they will find in their surroundings. Mangabeys jump from tree to tree to find fruit, which is the main course of the Mangabeys. They are not picky about the fruit they eat, at least 42 different species of fruit are part of the Mangabey diet. They have a strong powerful jaw with many teeth which they use to open hard shells and other fruit pods that other Monkeys cannot eat. When fruit is hard to find they will also eat leaf shoots from the raffia palms, mushrooms, insects and grasses.
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    Did you know about these Mangabey facts?

    • Mangabeys very rare and some of the most endangered monkeys on Earth. - Mangabeys can leap great distances from branch to branch and tree to tree.
    • The Mangabey gets its name from Mangabe, Madagascar a place none of these monkeys have ever been to.
    • Adult male Mangabeys make a sound that biologists call a "whoop-gobble." The "whoop" gets the attention of other Mangabeys in the area; the "gobble" tells everyone who and where he is. This unique call may be heard for a distance of up to 1,000 yards (1 kilometre).
    • Mangabey groups are called troops with a range of 10 to 90 individuals depending on their species.
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