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  • Marmot

    Marmot facts and information:

    Latin name: Marmota
    Type: mammal
    Diet: herbivore
    Average lifespan: Marmots seldom live past 5 years
    Size: up to 22 inches in length
    Weight: about 5 pounds about 1 a 2 kg
  • Marmot imageMarmots are really cute and charming creatures that live in many interesting habitats. Sometimes marmots are also called woodchucks or groundhogs. Marmots are the largest members of the ground squirrel family. The marmots have lookouts that keep an eye out for predators and when they spot a predator they whistle loudly to warn the rest of their group.
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  • Marmot

    What does a Marmot look like?

    Marmots are very cute and furry with wide faces and short muzzles. They are as long as 22 inches (55 cm) and weigh 7-18lbs (3-8kg). They are big and chubby with very short legs and bulky bodies. When they move they either walk or run on the ground. Marmots have small ears with fur on them and busy tails. The fur coat of marmots have colors that range from dark gray to brown to yellowish-white, this helps the marmots to blend in with the environment. They blend in with backgrounds such as rocks, dirt and plants. Marmots communicate by a variety of visual and audio signals, they scream, whistle and use tooth chattering as means of communication. Marmots are mostly active during the day.
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    Where does the Marmot live?

    Marmots love the mountains regions such as the Rocky Mountains, the Alps, the Himalayas, as long as there also is grass around. They are never found far from grassy lands, meadows, fields and forests. Marmots are found in many places of the world. Europe, North America and Asia. Marmots love to dig, they create many tunnels and burrows beneath the ground, each has a main entrance and an escape tunnel. Sometimes these burrows are used as dens by other animals like foxes and skunks. Burrows are also built for hibernation and can be as deep as 22 feet (7 meters).
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    What does a Marmot eat?

    Marmots mainly eat grass, plants, flowers and seeds, this makes them herbivores. However they sometimes on rare occasions eat insects. Marmots eat a lot during the summer to gain weight and prepare for hibernation. Marmots hibernate throughout the winter and lose as much as half of their bodyweight.
  • Did you know about these Marmot facts?

    • When a marmot is in danger he gives off a a shrill, piercing "Eeeeeee" alarm.
    • Marmots are generally large ground squirrels.
    • Marmots may lose two thirds of their body weight during hibernation.
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