• Oriole

  • Oriole

    Oriole facts and information:

    Type: Bird
    Diet: Omnivore
    Size: 7 to 8.25 in (18 to 21 cm)
    Weight: 1.2 oz (35 g)
    Did you know? Young male orioles do not achieve their adult plumage until autumn of their second year.
  • Oriole imageThe Baltimore oriole is Maryland's official state bird. This popular animal has also been the namesake of the state's professional baseball team, the Baltimore Orioles, since the late 19th century.
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    What does a oriole look like?

    Male orioles have brilliant orange-golden underparts and shoulder patches, with black wings and a black head. Females are not as brightly colored. Though they are partially orange, they also have and brownish-olive plumage.
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    Where do orioles live?

    Baltimore orioles inhabit Maryland and the rest of the eastern United States only in the summer months. (They are also found, less commonly, in the central U.S. and Canada). In winter, some of these migrating birds live in the southeastern U.S., but most fly further afield in search of neotropical climates.
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    What does a oriole eat?

    These attractive birds frequent woodlands and eat common creatures including caterpillars and insects supplemented by fruits and berries. The Baltimore oriole's appetite for caterpillars may help protect forests from some destructive pests. In the backyard, they can be enticed to visit feeders with oranges, nectars, or peanut butter.
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