• Piranha

  • Piranha

    Piranha facts and information:

    Scientific Name: Pygocentrus Nattereri
    Type: Fish
    Diet: Omnivore
    Size (L): 20cm - 50cm (7.8in - 20in)
    Water Type: Fresh
    Life Span: 20 - 25 years
  • Piranha

    What does a Piranha look like?

    Piranhas are known for their sharp, pointed teeth and sharklike feeding frenzies, but the threat to humans is largely exaggerated. Although the piranha is usually small (the red piranha grows no longer than 13 inches), their teeth are set in powerful jaws, and top and bottom teeth interlock, giving the freshwater fish its ability to tear and rip flesh.
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    Where do Piranhas live?

    Piranhas only exist in nature in South America. And has never been introduced in any other place neither by accident nor deliberate. The majority of Piranhas live in the so called whitewater rivers. A whitewater river carries loamy water with a great deal of fine particles in suspension thus giving it a milky yellow-gray appearance. Some Piranhas live in the poor blackwater rivers and some in clearwater rivers. But in these cases they live near where two rivers meet and white- or blackwater mix with whitewater.
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    What does a Piranha eat?

    Victims are usually animals smaller than themselves such as insects, aquatic invertebrates and other fish, although attacks on animals as large as horses have been witnessed. Some human deaths have also occurred.
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    Did you know this about piranhas?

    • The piranha's razor-sharp teeth are built for rapid puncturing and sheering. They're so tough they can bite through a steel fishing hook.
    • There are between 30 and 40 species of piranha, and not all are strictly carnivorous. In fact, some consume large quantities of seeds.
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