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  • Rabbit

    Rabbit facts and information:

    Scientific Name: Oryctolagus cuniculus
    Type: Mammal
    Size: 20-50cm (8-20in)
    Weight: 0.5-3kg (1.1-6.6lbs)
    Top Speed: 4km/h (2.4mph)
    Life Span: 4-8 years
  • RabbitA rabbit is not a hare. Although sometimes used interchangeably, rabbits and hares are different. Hares tend to be larger and their young, called leverets, are born with fur and are much more independent from birth. Young rabbits, called kittens, on the other hand, are born hairless and helpless. The diets and social structures of the two animals are also different.
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    What does a rabbit look like?

    Since they seem to be on the menu of a variety of predators, the rabbit's body has developed keen senses to escape sticky situations. Their famously long ears provide excellent hearing and their eyes, which are positioned high on their head, gives them almost 360-degree vision. A long, flexible back and long legs enable this animal to reach incredible running speeds. The jack rabbit has been clocked at over 45 mph.
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    Where do rabbits live?

    Rabbits are small mammals found naturally in Europe, South Africa, Sumatra and Japan. Rabbits are also often found in the desert regions of the Middle East where the rabbits inhabit the greener parts of the deserts where there is enough food and water for the rabbits to survive.
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    What does a rabbit eat?

    Rabbits are herbivores that feed on mainly on grass, but rabbits also eat nuts and berries and often fruit and vegetables. Rabbits dig burrows into the ground where the rabbit hides and stores food, and also gives birth to and raises the baby rabbits.
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    What are the natural enemies of the rabbit?

    The rabbit finds itself in one of the most hunted orders of animals: the Lagomorpha. Not only do rabbits contend with such predators as carnivores and birds, but humans also hunt them for sport, food and fur.
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    Did you know this abour rabbits?

    • Rabbits produce cecal pellets, sometimes called "night feces," and re-ingest them to absorb the full nutritional content of their food.
    • All rabbits live underground in burrows or warrens, unlike hares which live in simple nests above ground. Cottontail rabbits are the exception; like hares, they live in nests above ground.
    • Rabbits run in a zigzag pattern when being chased, making it difficult for the predator to follow its scent.
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