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  • Weasel

    Weasel information and facts:

    Scientific Name: Mustela
    Type: Mammal
    Diet: Omnivore
    Size: 22-38cm (8.6-15in)
    Weight: 120-198g (4.2-7oz)
    Top Speed: 25km/h (15mph)
    Life Span: 2-5 years
    Lifestyle: Solitary
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    What does a weasel look like?

    The weasel tends to grow to about 30cm long with a tail roughly the same length as the weasel's body. The weasel is generally a solitary animal but some species of weasel congregate together in groups for months on end. Weasels most typically come together to mate. The weasel belongs to the same animal family as and is closely related to other animals such as ferrets,stoats and polecats. All these animals have a similarly long-shaped body and pointed snout and are all found in similar environments.
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    Where do weasels live?

    The weasel is a small, thin mammal. Weasels are found all around the world apart from the Arctic and Australia including it's surrounding islands. Weasels are most commonly found in wooded areas but weasels are rarely found in really dense, thick forest. Weasels burrow and nest in hollow logs and under piles of rocks and weasels will often inhabit the nest of one of their prey rather than building a new one themselves.
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    What does a weasel eat?

    Generally, weasels prey on small animals such as mice, birds and baby rabbits. The larger male weasels however have been known to prey on larger animals that are bigger than they are.
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    What are the natural enemies of the weasel?

    Weasels are prey to numerous larger animals such as foxes, cats, snakes and birds of prey. It is because they are so vulnerable to being eaten, that many weasels will not even live to be year old. The average lifespan of a wild weasel is thought to be around 3 years but weasels have been known to live for longer in captivity.
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