• Wolverine

  • Wolverine

    Wolverine facts and information:

    Scientific Name: Gulo Gulo
    Type: Mammal
    Diet: Carnivore
    Size: 65-87cm (25-34in)
    Weight: 10-31kg (22-70lbs)
    Top Speed: 48km/h (30mph)
    Life Span: 10-15 years
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    What does a wolverine look like?

    Wolverines belong to one of the largest carnivore families; the mustelid. This group includes skunks, otters, minks, polecats, badgers and, of course, wolverines. Their fur is generally blackish with pale bands along the sides and rump. The wolverine uses its large teeth and powerful jaws to crush large bones and eat meat that has been frozen in the unforgiving Arctic winter. The wolverine also has long, sharp, powerful claws that the wolverine uses to catch it's prey and to defend itself from predators and other wolverines. The wolverine also uses it's claws for climbing and digging.
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    Where do wolverines live?

    The wolverine is found throughout Canada, Europe, parts of North America and the Arctic Circle where the wolverines inhabit mountainous regions and dense forests. Wolverines are also known to venture into more open areas such as plains and farmland when they are in search of food.
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    What does a wolverine eat?

    The wolverine generally eats mice, rats and other small mammals, birds and eggs during the summer months when these small animals are in abundance. During the bitter winter however, when snow covers the ground, the wolverine tends to hunt larger animals such as reindeer (caribou), sheep and moose. Despite the fact that the wolverine is known to be capable of hunting down and killing animals that are so much bigger than itself, the wolverine tends to prefer to scavenge the kills of other animals such as wolves and bears. The wolverine will let the larger predators hunt the prey down and the wolverine then chases the hunter away by showing its teeth and growling fiercely. Then the wolverine is left to eat the kill.
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    Did you know this about wolverines?

    • About as big as a medium-sized dog, the wolverine is capable of animals much larger than itself, like moose or deer.
    • In its search for food, wolverines will travel up to 40 miles a day.
    • When threatened, it will give off a very strong and unpleasant odor. The smell has earned it the nicknames "skunk bear" and "nasty cat."
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