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    Geese information and facts:

    Type: Bird
    Diet: Herbivore
    Average lifespan in the wild: 24 years
    Size: Body, 30 to 43 in (76 to 110 cm); Wingspan, 4.2 to 5.6 ft (1.3 to 1.7 m)
    Weight: 6.6 to 19.8 lbs (3 to 9 kg)
    Group name: Flock
  • Goose imageGoose (plural geese) is the general English name for a considerable number of birds, belonging to the family Anatidae. This family also includes the swans, which are mostly larger than geese, and the ducks, which are smaller.
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    Where do Geese live?

    True geese are medium to large birds, always (with the exception of the Néné) associated to a greater or lesser extent with water. Most species in Europe, Asia and North America are strongly migratory as wild birds, breeding in the far north and wintering much further south. However, escapes and introductions have led to resident feral populations of several species.
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    What does a Goose eat?

    Geese are medium to large birds and migrate long distances from overwintering sites to breeding grounds. All geese eat a vegetarian diet, feeding on grasses, seeds and grains.
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    Did you know these factsabout geese?

    • An underdeveloped goose egg will vertically sink or float with the wider half pointing downward. A developed goose egg will float horizontally, breaking the surface of the water at an angle.
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